I am...

  • An average guy who wants to stand up for the Borough residents who feel like they are being forgotten.
  • Born and raised in Fairbanks, I graduated from Lathrop High School.
  • A veteran, husband, father, and small business owner.

I'm working for... 

  • Lower property taxes
  • Individual property rights
  • Sustainable budget

I've served... 

  • Chair of the Education Committee for the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce
  • A member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the Fairbanks Children's Museum
  • FNSB Board of Equalization

I Currently serve on the... 

  • Assembly’s Legislative Priorities Committee
  • Road Service Area Committee 
  • Assembly’s  Exofficio board member to Explore Fairbanks(Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau).

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